Week 6 Pregnancy Workout

Still feeling like myself I continued my workouts as usual and even going back to this video I still do the same type of workouts – sans the jumping action as much.

I always start with a warm up at some sort of intensity boost as he time continues.  I usually warm up at a 5 minute steady wattage and make it a goal to increase my wattage/speed for about 20 seconds then revert back to steady pace for 20 seconds and repeat for the duration of the session.  Here’s an example of what my cardio looked like at 6 weeks as well as today at 17 weeks.  If I feel I’m losing my breath or my heart rate is too high, I scale back a notch to catch my breath and try to keep a pretty even breath throughout.

Warmup: 5 minutes Moderate pace (approx. 5 out of 10 exertion)

Increase #1: 5 minutes +10 wattage/+1 speed increase

20 second increase / 20 seconds moderate pace – Repeat for 5 minutes

Increase #2: 5 minutes +20 wattage/ +2 speed increase

20 second increase / 20 seconds moderate pace – Repeat 5 minutes

Increase #3: 5 minutes +30 wattage/ +3 speed increase

20 second increase / 20 seconds moderate pace – Repeat 5 minutes

Increase #4: 3 minutes +20 wattage/ +2 speed increase

30 second increase / 30 second moderate pace – Repeat 6x (3 minutes)

Cool Down: 2 minutes moderate pace

Total 25 minutes

To view the video click here!

Below is a series I did that is quick and great if you are short on time but want to get some glutes and legs in a quick workout.

15 reps each exercise – repeat for 3-5 rounds

15 Plie Squats with lifted heels and leg extension

30 Bench Hops

15 Stationary weighted lunge dips (both sides)

Rest 30 seconds / Repeat 3-5 rounds

Total 12 – 15 minutes


Travel food for thought

Whenever I travel I’m always prepared with the appropriate mix of my healthy macros. Macronutrients are a combination of protein, fats and carbs that perform essential roles in the body.  I eat very clean so try to avoid processed foods.  When traveling there are limited food options, most of which are generally processed.  Preparation is key!  Rather than get caught in a situation with limited options, I bring all the essentials such as nuts, berries, flax crackers, protein bars and protein powder.   I really like the nut mixes containing super foods such as mulberries, golden berries and goji berries to help keep up my energy.   I like to have healthy options and rather than having to stress about feeding myself every 2-3 hours I come prepared.  Again, can’t stress the importance of preparation.

The picture below is a collection of healthy food options that I picked up at a local health food store.

Travel snacks

For this trip I grabbed the following staples:
1.) Protein bars – (Square bars, Vega Sport bars and go Macro Protein bars). All are vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and as close to natural as you can get with no less than 10g of protein per bar.  Try to seek out the highest protein bars that contain natural ingredients.
2.) Nuts – I chose an energy mix containing all raw ingredients including: cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, mulberries & golden berries). I also grabbed a bag of raw almonds.
3.) Carbs – just so I have a good balance of carbs and protein I got these protein packed flax crackers with a savory flavor.
4.) Protein Powder- I chose Vega One and Vega sport to mix with water. Again this brand is plant based and as close to natural you can get with high protein. I also love Plant Fusion, RAW, Sunwarrior and hemp protein. If you’re on the road and can’t easily access a milk substitute like almond milk you want to choose one that mixes with water and TASTES GOOD:)
5.) WATER – I can’t say it enough but staying hydrated is key for your body. Flying dehydrates the body and skin so keep water on hand at all times and DRINK UP!

In airports or in flight you can typically get a fruit like a banana, apple or etc. I would pair this with my almonds or protein shake if I’m hungry. You can always bring an empty water bottle and fill at the airport. Most airports now have filtered water stations. Worst case you can always pick up a water at the airport. Also, you are traveling via train, automobile or boat you can always access fruit or water.

So next time you are traveling just remember to think ahead and prepare for a healthy trip. Hopefully you find these tips helpful! Happy Travels!