Week 6 Pregnancy Workout

Still feeling like myself I continued my workouts as usual and even going back to this video I still do the same type of workouts – sans the jumping action as much.

I always start with a warm up at some sort of intensity boost as he time continues.  I usually warm up at a 5 minute steady wattage and make it a goal to increase my wattage/speed for about 20 seconds then revert back to steady pace for 20 seconds and repeat for the duration of the session.  Here’s an example of what my cardio looked like at 6 weeks as well as today at 17 weeks.  If I feel I’m losing my breath or my heart rate is too high, I scale back a notch to catch my breath and try to keep a pretty even breath throughout.

Warmup: 5 minutes Moderate pace (approx. 5 out of 10 exertion)

Increase #1: 5 minutes +10 wattage/+1 speed increase

20 second increase / 20 seconds moderate pace – Repeat for 5 minutes

Increase #2: 5 minutes +20 wattage/ +2 speed increase

20 second increase / 20 seconds moderate pace – Repeat 5 minutes

Increase #3: 5 minutes +30 wattage/ +3 speed increase

20 second increase / 20 seconds moderate pace – Repeat 5 minutes

Increase #4: 3 minutes +20 wattage/ +2 speed increase

30 second increase / 30 second moderate pace – Repeat 6x (3 minutes)

Cool Down: 2 minutes moderate pace

Total 25 minutes

To view the video click here!

Below is a series I did that is quick and great if you are short on time but want to get some glutes and legs in a quick workout.

15 reps each exercise – repeat for 3-5 rounds

15 Plie Squats with lifted heels and leg extension

30 Bench Hops

15 Stationary weighted lunge dips (both sides)

Rest 30 seconds / Repeat 3-5 rounds

Total 12 – 15 minutes


Get your fitness on and reduce your risks

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2014 and I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I felt this type of cancer could have been avoided.  I’m a firm believer that fitness not only prevents obesity, illness and depression but it can heal in many ways.  The picture below is my mom and I planting flowers this summer on one of her good days undergoing chemo.  But there were a lot of bad days that went along with the good.  Fortunately having caught the cancer at an early stage she was able to stop it before it grew with chemo.  Now she is taking medication for the next 5 years that will help to stave off the cancer from growing back.

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My mission with this page is not only let people know what I learn along the way about health and fitness but to help those who need motivation, advice and inspiration.  I don’t want anyone to have to go through what my mom and many others have gone through.  If this type of cancer or other cancers have the slightest chance to be prevented, why not take every measure of action to prevent it?  Let’s be proactive and take control of our own health and destiny!

More and more studies are being published about how regular exercise not only helps with obesity, depression, anxiety, immune function, inflammation and etc. but it can actually help prevent certain types of cancers!  Imagine that?!?  I’ve recently come across this article that I had to share below!  My passion for health and fitness will continue as I continue to share with the world about how we can live better lives day in and day out.


Until next time…..go out and get some exercise!

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