Back from a virtual detox!

I realized blogging is a huge passion of mine.   I want to share my thoughts, ideas and tips to the world.  I want to be able to say things and do things that can not only help me – because it does help me to write – but maybe, just maybe someone will get inspired by something that I have shared and decide to change something for the better in their own life.  If not, I’ll keep the dream and alive and keep writing for my own personal enjoyment:).

The reason I stopped for a bit was I’ve had a bit of a busy life since my last post this spring!  I’ve gotten married, attended a lot of other summer weddings out of state, started a healthy snack ball business with my husband, moved to Brooklyn and all the while been working a full time job in New York City.  Life is good but very busy!  Because I had a lot going on in my personal and professional life, I decided to let my little creative outlet go the wayside for a while until I realized it was a huge part of me that was missing!  Since then, I’ve come up with a lot of new ideas for blog posts.  Hopefully they will inspire you to be more creative with your food or workout programs or just give you something to read if you want to know about me!

You can now start to look for regular posts so get ready!  I’ve got some great posts lined up including some new health food products I’ve recently discovered, some great new classes I’ve discovered for tightening the tush, tips on getting into wedding shape, 2017 NYC Marathon qualification, quiet life in Brooklyn, my new found love of acupuncture and REAL life examples of how it has helped me and of course, new recipes!

Excited to be back and hope you all enjoy the upcoming posts!  Happy Friday!!!